Copper Conucts!!!

Not just electricity, but heat as well. Be very careful wearing or handling anything made of copper in direct sunlight!

Also be aware, that on hot days, copper resting on the back of your neck can possibly make you feel  hotter, since it is absorbing your body heat and sending it back to you. Wearing your hair up (or having short hair) can help lessen this effect, or wearing a thinner design (Baby Asp vs. regular Asp, for example).

I've worn the Asp, the Byzantine, as well as chainmaille necklaces to various Renaissance Faires, out in blistering 100+ degrees (Fahrenheit) without ill effect. You just have to take care of yourself no matter what in those conditions. My bodices were worse in that heat than any piece of jewellery! Be that as it may, always be aware, be careful, and take care of yourself.