Welcome to Gypsy Butterfly Jewellery

I am currently not in production.

I have closed the business. For now. Too many other adventures in life are happening at this time. If you have any questions regarding a product you have purchased in the past, feel free to contact me. However, I am not taking orders for new products at this time.

If you are checking out this site because you received a spam e-mail seemingly from this domain, it did not originate here. The only email associated with this domain is mine: vanessa@gypsybutterflies.com. All others are spoofed. The spammer inserted a non-existent e-mail into the "from", so that they cannot be replied to. I do not advertise, I do not have mailing lists, I do not spam. I have no control over this problem, and there doesn't seem to be any solution to it.

Peace of Mind

All items purchased from me are entirely made by myself. I do not buy precut lengths or links. Beads and certain other embellishments, however, are things I don't make, so they would be the only exceptions.

I have always made every possible effort to make strong and durable jewellery. Each piece is hand hammered after being shaped, which hardens the metal further, for example. There are some designs that inherently will be structurally weaker than others (long straight pieces, for example).

If for any reason, an item becomes damaged through "normal wear and tear", you can contact me, and we can discuss options (fixing, replacing, etc) on remedying the situation. In some cases, repairs may be free (less shipping costs), in others, there may be a charge, depending on circumstances of the damage.